Project Happiness Fall 2016

The Project Happiness Fall 2016 Live Webinars are all completed but you can watch all the replays below.

COMING SOON!  Project Happiness Europe!

What is Project Happiness Europe?  The difference in time zones has made it difficult for folks from Europe to be guests on the webinars, so to tap into the incredible wisdom of teachers and guides from Europe, I am changing the day and time for webcasts to Sunday afternoons in North American time zones which will be Sunday evenings in Europe.  This change will only be for the winter Project Happiness Europe series.

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September 16th (7 pm Eastern) – Suraya Rose Sarae coined the term Personal Miracles Coach in the 90’s after all her hypnotherapy clients said “OMG, it’s a miracle, it’s a miracle, I never thought I could be that, do that, feel that, have that…”

Then she added Infinite Possibilities and Shamanic Energy Healing and helped people achieve even more miracles. So when Suraya heard about a tool called Instant Miracle, she HAD to learn it. Suraya is now a Personal Miracles Business Coach  working with entrepreneurs to help them experience profound miracles in business.

Suraya will be doing an experiential healing workshop. People have heard me talk live about Instant Miracles for over a year, and now our webcast guests will get to experience IMs for themselves. Guests should come to the call with an issue that is causing them angst, worry, conflict or fear, and is interfering with their ability to be their Best. We will get to as many as we can. People even without an issue will get healing as well as the people who watch the replay. The miracles travel right through electronics even if Mercury is Retrograde.

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September 23rd (7 pm Eastern) – Ferris Jay has been helping people and pets worldwide to thrive for the past 16 years. Using energy techniques, EFT tapping and mindset coaching she shows people how to overcome the thoughts,

Ferris Jay, The Thought Gardener and Pet Loss Counsellor

Ferris Jay, The Thought Gardener and Pet Loss Counsellor

doubts and fears that stop them from living life to the full. In her pet work she supports elderly and terminal pets to end their lives in peace and comfort and she assists pet people to say goodbye to their fur babies with grace and dignity.  Ferris holds qualifications as an EFT practitioner, energy healer, coach and pet loss counsellor. She lives in rural Ireland with her precious fur babies and works with clients worldwide via skype and phone.

Ferris will be talking about the power of choice. Did you know that how you feel is a choice? Happiness is a choice. Sadness is a choice. Sometimes it doesn’t seem that way, but everything we think or do is ultimately a choice. I’ll show you how to use the power of choice to thrive, no matter what life throws at you. Even at times when you feel you may not have any choice, there are possibilities that we often overlook. I’ll share my top techniques, including some live EFT tapping, to assist you to make choices and decisions that truly work for you.

Find Ferris Jay’s Pet Work ; Like her on Facebook ; Connect on LinkedIn ; Follow on Twitter

Ferris Jay, the Thought Gardener ; and The Thought Gardener on Facebook

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September 30th (7 pm Eastern) – Andy Grant is a best-selling author, award-winning speaker, Transformational Energy Coach, Akashic Records Reader, and suicide prevention activist. He holds certificates in Positive Psychology, the Enwaken Coaching System, Akashic Records, Soul Entrainment, Infinite Possibilities and Reiki, as well as other leadership programs and energy work modalities. He is also the founder of Real Men Feel,

a movement created to encourage men to allow and express all of their emotions. Andy is committed to helping people in emotional pain realize how magnificent life is meant to be.

Andy Grant is a survivor of multiple suicide attempts, but today he loves life. Still Here: How to Succeed in Life After Failing At Suicide, shares the hard-learned lessons, practices and rituals that turned his life around.

Andy’s message for suicide prevention focuses on finding hope and embracing alternatives when choices seem limited. You can be in control of your thoughts and emotions instead of at their mercy.
A dynamic and energized presence, his is not a sob story but an inspirational ride of realizing how powerful we all truly are. Andy believes happiness is a learnable skill and no matter what has happened in the past, no matter how we feel right now, we are all capable of feeling happier and enjoying our lives even more. Enjoying life is the best suicide prevention tool there is.

Still Here is full of techniques, tools, and exercises to assist anyone in creating more happiness in their life.

”I know this works because I’m still here.” Andy Grant

Find Andy Grant on Facebook; on his website Navitas Coach;  Andy is on LinkedIn and at Real Men Feel

Watch the Replay with Andy Grant!


October 7th (7 pm Eastern) – Christi Daniels is a Self-leadership mentor and fierce ally for women who’ve lost touch with themselves, their dreams and desires. Through her Self-Full Living™ program, private mentoring and her book, Sabbatical from “Yes, they learn to navigate the complexities of modern life with more joy and less stress by rooting themselves in honest self-awareness, deep self-trust and exquisite self-care.

Christie Daniels, Self-Full Living

Christie Daniels, Self-Full Living

This conversation with Christi Daniels was crafted specifically for sensitive women (and bravely sensitive men) who are go-getters, who serve from your heart and have everything mostly together from the outside looking in, but who still feel like there’s something ‘off’ or missing on the inside.

It’s likely you’ve been socialized to put everyone else’s needs first, rather than follow your own heart’s desires. You might not even realize how this plays out in your life, but often it’s by ignoring those small, subtle whispers of your soul in favor of throwing yourself passionately behind the dreams and desires of others.

However, your life belongs to you, not to everyone else around you.

Christi will help us strip back the layers of societal conditioning and discover who we really are, who we were meant to be, and how to tune back into our heart’s desires so that we can live with more depth, connection and meaning. Without this introspection and careful attentiveness to yourself, you’ll always feel like there’s something missing. (And that something is YOU.)

Self-Full Living™ is a process for reconnecting to your inner wisdom and then living and being in integrity with what you find there. It’s doing what’s right for you, what’s in alignment with your soul’s calling, regardless of whether or not it’s logical or if anyone else agrees or supports you in it. It’s not selfish to prioritize yourself and your heart’s desires, it’s Self-full. Christi believes that by rewiring ourselves to let our hearts take the lead, with logic in service of our hearts, we can create a more loving and compassionate world.

Get your sample of Sabbatical from Yes, Christi’s 30 Day program for taking back your life.  The complete book is available at Amazon.

For more information: Christie Daniels website and find her on Facebook and LinkedIn.

 Watch the reply with Christi Daniels 

Get your copy of the Energy Matrix worksheet mentioned in the video.


October 14th (7 pm Eastern) – Mark Carter is an aerospace project management engineer, certified Gateway Outreach Trainer for The Monroe Institute, and certified Mike Dooley trainer. He coaches simple practical methods called

LivinForFun based on Mike Dooley’s Infinite Possibilities and Playing The Matrix to help people live very satisfying, happy and fulfilling lives, at any age. His wish for each one of us is to be able to exclaim on most days and especially our last day: “I feel soooo good about my life!”

Mark will be talking about the processes taught in his LivinForFun workshop and personal coaching which incorporates principles of Infinite Possibilities and Playing The Matrix, yet goes further into the aspect of choosing and taking actions on a daily basis, the “baby steps” so necessary for clarity and “making” things happen. LivinForFun puts creative principles into practical practice, and includes “expedited delivery” exercises for those things on your wish list. LivinForFun causes life to happen FOR you, not to you.

Find Mark Carter on the Web  and  on Facebook

Watch the reply with Mark Carter


October 21st:  (7pm Eastern) Jennifer Sutton, M.B.A., is a Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer, Transformational Journeys Guide, Founder of Trust Life seminars, business owner, and Shoshin Ryu martial arts teacher whose mission is to help people clear fear and pain so they can find and live in their joy on a consistent, daily basis.

Jennifer Sutton, Founder of What If Wellness

Jennifer Sutton, Founder of What If Wellness

Jennifer supports individuals and groups using EFT tapping, brain training, and laughter to release blocks and allow them to move toward a place of peace and self-confidence.

In this session Jennifer will give us an overview of her signature Trust Life program.

This is a non-physical training that teaches folks how to stay in Level 1 on the levels of force scale. Level 1 is Presence and includes things like awareness, presentation, proximity, etc.

Topics in this session include:
• Understanding of what violence is (specifically criminal violence)
• Introduction to the Levels of Force
• Science and background on gut feelings/intuition/fast thinking
• Activities that strengthen your ability to avoid situations where violence is likely to occur

Learn more about Jennifer Sutton on her website on Facebook.  Follow on Jennifer on LinkedIn.

Watch the reply with Jennifer Sutton


October 28th: (7pm Eastern) Jhoanna Rae is a wife, mother of 4 earth angels and one cherub in heaven, physical therapist, Integrative Health Coach, a Yogi (teacher and forever student) on and off the mat.

A Soul Genius Synergist™ and Creative Founder of Yuni Yoga™, Jhoanna inspires creative self-care for women through mindful and sacred practices like Yoga, intuitive meditation, original affirmations, intuitive journaling/writing to empower them to be true to who they are in their core, to live their purpose and lead a meaningful life.

In this session Jhoanna will demonstrate a short yoga sequence of Yuni Yoga™ aka “Yoga with the Universe”, i.e. You + Universe = One/In Union/Yoga.

It is Your UNIque embodiment of your POSE (Practice Of Self Expression) in alignment with your Soul (Higher Self/ Universe/ God). This is a practice like no other, since you are guided by an experienced physical therapist, a forever student of Yoga who is passionate about bringing together what your body needs to what your heart desires and mind needs to feel at peace.

Learn more about Jhoanna Rae and Yuni Yoga™.  Jhoanna is also on FacebookLinkedInInstagram and Twitter.

Watch the reply with Jhoanna Rae


November 4th: (7pm Eastern)  Joy Caffrey has been practicing energy medicine for over 20 years. Through her work, Joy points you toward your own wisdom. She offers pathways for you to shift consciousness, release what no longer serves you, and live your brilliance.

About Joy and her work: “I had a dream in my mid-twenties about my life purpose. The end of the dream was me receiving pieces of paper with hand-written notes from God. The notes, written with black flair pen on strips of loose leaf paper, were in response to my imploring question: “God, why am I here?!” to which God’s first written answer was: “To Show Mankind How to Love.” I have spent a life time figuring that out, because at the time of my dream I wasn’t loving myself so well. I was low in self-esteem and confidence. I was highly sensitive, took things too personally, and was easily overwhelmed. Through studying energy medicine, doing my own inner work, and developing my gifts I have diminished my suffering and increased my well being. I LOVE MYSELF. I LIVE BRILLIANTLY. I LIVE JOYFULLY. And I am here to help you do the same.”

Are you ready to let go of your pain and live more joyfully?

Raise your self-awareness
Let go of the self-limiting beliefs
Choose self-acceptance, and self-compassion
Reclaim the lost or shut down aspects of yourself
Tend to self-care: heal, nourish, strengthen, rest
Creatively express your unique perceptions and original thoughts
Manifest what is yours to do in the world
Celebrate your life
Be of service to others

Joy is available for individual healing sessions. To schedule your appointment, call her at
479-409-4912, or visit Joy’s website:

Watch the reply with Joy Caffrey

November 11th:  (7pm Eastern)  – Jeoffrey Hutcherson  was BACK by popular demand!!!

Jeoffrey is the author of transformative new thoughts and Hot chocolate Happiness: Happy ‘cuz I Said So.  Jeoffrey is also a massage therapist, sound healer, artist of life coach, former international online radio talk show co-host, and a force of nature. Most importantly he’s a happy man first. He is a certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer which he adds to his expanding playground of work. He lives a joyful, playful, passionate life that he shares In-joy.

Jeoffrey was our guest in the spring and I can confidently say, it was the most fun session I’ve ever done. Jeoffrey really is a force of nature and this session promises to be filled with fun, passion, and a ton of laughs.  You really will not want to miss this.  As for the topic – I think we’ll just wing it so bring your questions, bring your thoughts, bring your sense of humor and bring a drink if you feel so inclined!

You can catch up with Jeoffrey on Facebook or on his website

Watch the replay with Jeoffrey Hutcherson

November 18th: (7pm Eastern) – Serena Low helps the successful professional woman in her forties who

is actively planning a career change, to make an intelligent and informed decision about whether quitting her day job to start a business is the right move for her and the best use of her gifts, expertise, and professional experience.

Serena is also the author of the Amazon Bestseller The Hero Within: Reinvent Your Life, One New Chapter at a Time.

Serena will be speaking about the 5 Keys to Transitioning Confidently from being an Employee to being an Entrepreneur.


  • Your Vision and Life Purpose
  • Your Mindset
  • Your Skill Sets
  • Resources and Supports Available to You
  • Financials

Find Serena Low on the web on Facebook

Watch the replay with Serena Low


November 25th (7 pm Eastern) – Cristiane Kajimura felt inspired to go on that journey after working 15 years in the corporate world internationally. She is a dedicated seeker and a passionate learner about consciousness-based spiritual philosophy and science. Following the internal urgency to find more meaning in life, she went on an intensive self-discovery journey in 2012. She now coaches people to find that same sense of purpose, heart-centeredness and physical well-being that her journey brought to her through her intensive 3-month ‘Mind-Body Healing Science & Awakening Your Life’ programmes.

Cristiane is a certified Perfect Health Ayurvedic Lifestyle and ‘Awakening’ Coach. She holds a BA (Honours) and an MBA in Business Administration and is currently studying Holistic Medicine.

Spirituality as a must-have set of skills in modern days. Do you ever wonder if life had more to offer to you than what you’re currently getting out of it? Would you like to open up for what’s actually possible instead of feeling limited by your mind, behaviourism patterns and external environment conditions? In this session Cristiane talk about how remembering and awakening your spiritual skills set can lead you to experience more vitality, freedom and fluidity in your life, relationships, including with your physical body and with the whole world.

Find Cristiane Kajimura on Facebook ; and on LinkedIn; follow Cristiane on Twitter and Instagram

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