Infinite Possibilities Challenge

Is your life a mess; full of problems and few solutions?

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What the Infinite Possibilities Challenge IS:
**Starting the first Monday of each month, for 5 consecutive days, you’ll receive an email from me with a video lesson along with a short exercise you can use to create a more fulfilling and happy life. The video will be less than 15 minutes and the exercise will not take long to do either….but the benefits will be a powerful shift in how you view and live your life.
What the Infinite Possibilities Challenge IS NOT:
**The challenge is not a quick fix for all the things wrong in your life. It is the beginning of a process of self-work that will change the way you think, believe and act but it takes WORK on your part or nothing will ever change! Plan 30 minutes for the video and the daily work – a small investment for huge rewards.
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What do others who have taken the Challenge have to say?

You dug me out of an emotional ditch I was in back in August 2016. That 30 minutes that you spent listening to me and coaching me made such a difference. I’ve had some pretty deep and dark ditches since then (the last 3-4 months were super scary because I started to lose faith AND I was dealing with nagging health issues). But thank goodness, I persevered and now I’ll be working in the city that I love, doing what I love, and doing it around extremely intelligent and talented professionals.  (Tricia)

Your Infinite Possibilities Challenge was amazing……you really made me look at my thoughts and how to change them to focus more on what I want then what I don’t want…..even how to turn those don’t wants into positive wants……I am refocused and pushing forward… .something you always seem to be able to bring out in me…….thank you so much for your wisdom……generosity and most of all……your time and commitment to helping others. (Lori)

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