Favorite 7 Steps to Your Dream Life


# 1 – You are made of “Star Stuff” – whether you believe in a God that created you in his image or in Universal Energy, or maybe you believe only in science as we currently understand it; there is an immutable truth to our existence.  You are made of the same energy or “star stuff” as every other thing that exists.  We know (from science and also from religious teachings) that all things are made up of energy.  Everything, be it a thought, a star, a tree or a person, is made of energy in various forms and so is connected to every other thing that exists.

If you are inter-connected with every thought, dream and physical thing, there is NO WAY that you can help but draw to yourself anything you wish.  In fact, you can’t stop it and you are doing it right now.

This realization is the most powerful piece of knowledge in the Universe!  It is incredibly simple!  What you think about is what is attracted to you.  Think about debt and pain and suffering and heart-break and that is what you will be surrounded by.  Set your thoughts on what you want (what everybody wants) – happiness, joy, having fun, being is love and these things MUST show up in your life.

# 2 -You create your life – every one of us creates our own life but few of us create the life we really want until we understand that anything and everything we have the ability to dream can be ours if we understand and learn to put into practice the fact that we are all “star stuff”.   Most of us have been formed by our parents, our communities, and our social and economic environments to be what we are right now.  We didn’t choose where we are consciously because we didn’t really know we could.  Now that you know you are “star stuff” and can have, do and be anything you want, there’s nothing to stop you.

You now have the knowledge to create anything.  But do you know what your dreams are?  No?  Not many people do because the dreamer in us has been smothered.  People are often dismissed as “a dreamer” and it’s not something we are raised to be – in fact, being called “a dreamer” is rarely said in a flattering way until that dreamer has done something really incredible that helps mankind (like may great inventors).

As small children, we knew about dreaming and we dared to say what we would do when we grew up.  But along with growing up, we got put into moulds and slotted into places that society had set for us.  The good news is that as long as you exist you still have the ability to dream and to dream big.

The dreamer in all of us will sit and wait, smouldering in the backgrounds of our minds until you uncover it and let it burn again.  All you have to do is start to think about what you want.  It is as easy as closing your eyes and letting your mind take you to wonderful places.  Ask your mind to take you to a happy place and see where you go.  Don’t try to force it, just be still and let things come to you.  Focus on happy and the rest will follow.

# 3 – Find your dreams – Sometimes, when I ask people to find their dreams, they tell me they don’t know what their dreams are any more.  Some people know some things they want; like maybe a better job, a new car, a bigger house, a dream vacation, lots of money and so on. However, I don’t think that’s their real dream!  Their real dream, like that of every human being, is to be happy.  It’s what we all want.

The better job may make us happier if we like it better than we do our current one.  The new car will make us happy every time we get in and smell that new car smell (until it gets old and rusty).  The big house and the healthy bank account will certainly make us feel happy (or at least we think it will take away our worries and unhappiness).

We all know and realize that money and material things don’t bring happiness.  Happiness comes from our feelings and thoughts ABOUT these things.  So if it’s not the THINGS that make us happy, it’s really the other way around – that happiness brings about the things.  Being happy is the path to finding your dreams.

# 4 - Focus on happy - that’s it.  Simple as that!  To start the changes in your life, all you have to do is focus on happy!  You know when you feel happy, right?  Did you also know you can bring up this feeling of happy any time you want to?

It’s really very easy.  Take a few minutes, close your eyes and tune out the world and think of a moment from your memory when you were happy.  Once you have that moment in your mind, really focus on what happy feels like.  Where in your body do you feel it?  Put you hand there and feel the vibration of it.  Be conscious of what your senses tell you.  Do you smell anything? What are you seeing?  Who is with you? What are you doing?  Is there any taste?  What’s the temperature?  Learn as much about this particular feeling of happy as you can so you can easily return to it whenever you want to.

Go ahead and do it now!  Try to find out everything you can about what happy feels like.

# 5 – Happy makes it so – As you do the above exercise, put yourself in a different happy spot from time to time.  Once you can easily bring up the happy feeling you can change where you are and what you’re doing at will.  When you put yourself in more and new happy places, these will be the dreams you have long-buried.  It’s OK to start with small stuff – like a new dress, a weekend getaway or maybe it’s paying extra on your credit card debt.  Focus on the feeling of happy as you put yourself in these places in your mind.  This sets the Universal Energy in motion toward bringing to you what makes you happy.  The Universe will now do it’s part so it’s time for you to make preparations for it to happen.

# 6 – Do YOUR part – it’s not enough just to sit and feel happy and then do nothing to prepare for it.   If you went to the store to order new living room furniture, you wouldn’t just come home and sit on your old couch eating bonbons and waiting for your new furniture to arrive.  You would be figuring out where you wanted each piece placed. You would have to decide what to do with your old furniture and move it out of the house.  You would clean all the floors and areas around where the new furniture was to go in preparation for its arrival.  The same holds true with deliveries from Universal Energy.  You have to make a space for it to appear.

You want a special new dress?  Make a place in your closet!  Pick out the shoes you’ll wear with it.  What jewellery will go best with it?  Picture yourself wearing it. Who will you be with and where will you go?

Dream up the happy magic then make room for it in your life.  Whatever your dream or the situation that brings you a happy feeling, ask yourself these questions (from a perspective that whatever it is, it will arrive tomorrow):

  • Where will I put it?
  • Do I need to clear out a space for it?
  • What do I need to go with it? (maybe this is something else you need to go to your happy dreams for)
  • Who will I share it with?
  • Do I need to make a list? (for example: a trip you dreamed of.  Make a list of things you will do/see while on this trip)
  • Can I find a picture of it and post it in my scrapbook?

You get the idea! Whatever it is, make a place for it in your life.

# 7 – Take action - Now that you have the dream and you are preparing for it’s arrival, start taking action toward it.  Do whatever steps you can toward the achievement of your goal; this part is particularly important for those big dreams.  It’s like preparing a place but it’s a bit bigger and includes things you can do to prepare like taking courses, learning new skills, meeting new people, joining clubs and getting qualifications.

For example, if you want to be a speaker, join Toastmasters or take speaking courses.  Give speeches to yourself in your car on the way to work, or to your mirror.  Record them and play them back so you can learn from them and hone your speaking skills.  Attend speaking events (or watch recorded ones on the internet) and take note of how the speaker holds the audience (or fails to).  What they did well or not so well.  Try to connect with any speakers at live events.  Ask questions about how to get started or if they can give you any tips.

Whatever your dream, try to find out what people who have achieved a similar dream did to get there. What skills and qualifications do they have?  Who do they know?  What kind of circle of friends do they have?  Once you know these things, you can start doing the things that will bring you to these places in your own life.   While you’re doing these things and holding the dream in your mind and feeling the happy every day, the Universe is moving things and people into the right places and time to be there for you but you have to be ready when they arrive.

So get started. You know how to engage Universal Energy to set the wheels in motion and how to find your happy spot and your dreams.  Start dreaming and preparing for their arrival in any way you can.  Don’t forget to feel the happy along the way.